Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Making SPS a better town for teens

First of all, I think that SPS will be a better town if the schools were painted and renovated. The school where I have IH is really old and there is only two walls that are painted because it was a project from a class.
Another way to make SPS a better town for teens is, in my opinion, create a place for kids, because we don't have any place to go on Saturdays. Like a cafe or a cinema.
Finally, I believe that SPS should have a shoppingcentre because when I need to buy some clothes I have to go to Viseu or Aveiro. But this isn't so importante.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Pretty Woman Valentine's Sing-song Poll

Come and hear us sing in the all time greatest ever EFL valentine's singing contest - then PLEASE vote for us!!

Thursday, January 19, 2006


Read these sentences and tell your partner what you think...

  1. Mario Soares will be beaten by Cavaco and Manuel Alegre on Sunday
  2. English is taught brilliantly at IH Viseu!
  3. Students are given too much homework in Portugal
  4. You were given the wrong oral exams last lesson - you'll have to do them again next week ;-)
  5. Today's lasson was cancelled, but you came so I stayed to teach you! I thought you would go and play football or computer games at home! So glad you came anyway!! 0:-]

  • Now, read them again carefully and see what words are common to all these sentences?
  • There should be two words in each sentence
  • We call this verb structure the...
  • What is more imortant - the activity/action or the person who does/did it? Look again at the sentences to check your idea.
Yep... you guessed it, now it's your turn to write some passive sentences about the world, Portugal, Viseu, school, life, etc - click on 'comments' to write - and remember to SIGN YOUR NAME, please! No name, and the sentences get deleted! (Sorry... gotta be!)


Thursday 19th Jan - 12 days till exams!
After what we've just heard and seen in class, can you now write five rules for parents and five for you children - they can be as reasonable (or not!) as you like!
Just click on 'comment' below to write your ideas... and don't forget to sign your name (or log in first if you like).
When you have finished then you can read some of the other students' rules and see what you think! Then write back to them...

Have fun!!


Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Rute's problem...

I have got a dog and I love him. He is everything to me and we are like brothers. When I am with it we play a lot and have fun. But... he has got aproblem with my parents... He does very nonsenses (a lot of silly things) and my parents stay (get) very angry. After that, they discuss (argue)with me and my sister, saying that they educate the dog and we take the education... sometimes my mother tell me that she is going to give the dog for (to) other person...
I hate that idea! I don't want to (be) separated from my dog... I really like him... me and my sister don't take the education away from our dog (it's not that we don't teach our dog how to behave)... we just give more love for him than our parents...
What should I do? Please help!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Dinis' problem...

HI Paddy & bloggers!
This is my problem:=) I want to go dinner with my friends and my parents don't agree, because it's in Viseu (which is far too far away for me to go alone and there are no buses at night).
What do you suggest I do?

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Inês' problem...

Dear bloggers,
Sometimes I'm a little untidy. I think it isn't a big problem, but my mother doesn't think the same, because when I do this, my mother has to tidies(y) some of my things. I only know that when I want something and I don't know where it is, or when she says to me "Why did you leave there that object??????????????????????? You have to pay more atention to your things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!". Then, I answer to her "Mother, I'm going to try to have more atention / be more careful when I take anything and I will tidy it."
Inês Lobo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Leonor's problems...

My Problems:

My mother shout(e)s at (in) the morning befores the clock bing/rings. I've got a headache!! It's a horrible way to wake up!!
My next problem is with my sister. I love my sister but she has got lots of clothes and our bedroom was untidy!! I don't feel a expesifique sentiment (specific feeling) but I wasn't happy .
So, parents, sisters and brothers please don't worry the "young pelople" with your problems, we have problems too...!!
What do you suggest I do to stop my sister and my mother annoying me?!!
* kisses for you*

Leonor Carrilho

Diana's problem...


My parents are always saying that I'm very (I spend too much) time on computer, but I don't think the same. I think that i don't stay on computer much time because i just stay the time that i don't have anything to do. I just play the game RUNESCAPE, talk with some friends and do school works.

If you want, you can give me suggestions for a deal (to help me deal) with my parents.

PedroC's problem...

Problem: do(ing) the washing up

Every night I’m the one that does the washing up.
It’s horrible! Plus my mother never helps me.
What should I do?
Pedro Cunha

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Pedro's Problem...

Dear Paddy and bloggers,

I’m Pedro and I want to tell (about) you my problem:
When I come back from school (to my house), my mother ask(s) me if the day was good or not, say(s)/(tells) me to do my homework and, when I’m watching television or when I’m distracted, she get(goes) into my room and go see my workbooks (if I have homework and if it’s organized).
Resuming, my mother get(s) into my room without (my) permission.
What do you think I should do?
Answer to your friend,